In 2016 we ran a campaign titled #101daysofCoffee

“Every Bean.... A Story” is our tag line

And in 101 days we told the world the story of coffee through our lens as a Social Enterprise and key player in the Specialty Coffee Industry in Kenya. The campaign  revealed  some of the faces behind Kenya’s highly sought-after coffee, and helped  raise awareness about Kenyan coffee and the journey from crop to cup. Each week was  themed after a different “chapter” of the story, and  each day Vava Coffee shared an image or short video clip and story over social media that  shed light on the  coffee industry, its  challenges, and its beauty – including the struggles experienced by the small-holder coffee farmer,  the barriers that prevent empowerment for women in coffee, and the movements and innovations that
are starting to shift the Kenyan coffee industry toward a brighter future. The stories we shared were found during our own journey within the industry, and shared and told directly from the perspective of the various people involved in coffee production and distribution in Kenya - the workers on coffee farms, the small-holder farmers themselves, the management of co-operatives, those who mill coffee, buyers at auctions, the people that export coffee across the world, and the various people and vendors who sell Kenyan coffee.


Purpose: The purpose of Vava Coffee is to improve the livelihood of the small-holder Kenyan coffee farmer and call the world to action to purchase ethical coffee (specifically Vava Coffee). In order for this to happen, people must be aware of and understand the plight of the coffee farmer in Kenya and the challenges they face. They must also understand what coffee means in Kenya and how the industry works. Through pictures and stories that reveal the faces and lives behind every cup, we hope that this campaign and others to follow  will demystify the industry and the challenges it bears. It will tell the “true” story of Kenyan coffee, directly from the perspective of those involved and our own Social and Impact lens. On this platform we share more of the photography and bits of the stories during the 101 days.